A cup of tea is not always a cup of just tea. A cup of tea prepared with love and care can become your best company for a rendezvous with yourself, your dreams, your soul. Become a source of inspiration or bring long waited appeasement. 

This is why for our TOK-TOK-TEA we have carefully selected the best herbs and berries raised by caring people in clean lands of small and beautiful Latvia. We wanted to make sure that the taste in your cup with TOK-TOK-TEA would give you some sunshine and love from the fields where the teas have been raised. 

  • 100% natural. We use only natural herbs & berries, without any artificial flavours.
  •  high quality, which is carefully controlled starting from the time of growing the herbs and ending by packaging and storage process.
  •  handmade product. This is why we can guarantee not only exclusive quality, but also make sure we preserve a special aura and warmth in each box with our tea.

With love TOK-TOK-TEA author, Natalja